Natural Harmony

Our parents and grandparents achieved great things with hard work, ambition and passion. We brothers are now following in the footsteps of this tradition - we are also very proud of that. Knowledge and experience has been passed on over many generations and yet winemaking is now accompanied by the most modern cellar technology.

It is important for us to go further, to try new things and to improve our craft again and again in order to make the best wines in the future. The basis for this is a good education, cosmopolitanism when traveling and our great interest in enjoyment and cuisine.

Our wines should give an insight into our world and entertain people at the highest level. We achieve this through our exclusive size, which is specifically geared towards supplying wine lovers all over the world in limited quantities. With the greatest care and in harmony with nature, the prerequisites are created in the vineyards to process the best grapes in autumn.

Our passion belongs to the traditional Burgenland varieties such as Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent. Our traditional red wine varieties typically matured according to variety and origin in a big wooden barrel, because we are of the opinion that the character of this wine is maintained best in this way. Chardonnay is also fermented and matured without racking (sur lie) in a big wooden barrel, whereas for Sauvignon blanc we use stainless steel vats to make it fruity and fresh.

Depending on the year and mood, our regular customers may also have other limited wines available - 
please register for this in our regular customer area.

Christian, David and Markus Weiss