Our vineyards

The mild Pannonian climate, the close proximity to Lake Neusiedl, an optimal supply of nutrients, and a carful foliage work are the preconditions for healthy, high-valued grapes and influence the character of our wines.

We planted our young vineyards very dense in the last years, denser than it is the custom in the northern Burgenland. That way, we can keep the yield per vine low, which concentrates the strength in the grapes. Also important is the low growth of the trunks and high, narrow walls of leaves. When the grapes grow close to the soil, they can absorb the reflected warmth better. The high walls of leaves enable the vine not only to grow many leaves for assimilation, but they also provide little shadow.

In the last years, the plant variety between the vine rows and the nutrition of the vines has gained more and more importance. The humus content in the soil can be increased by that, which again leads to a higher water- and nutrient storage capacity, a better soil aeration, and high biological activity.