Sauvignon blanc 2023
Sauvignon blanc is exciting for the whole family. This prompted the planting of a small vineyard on the Golser Plateau with Sauvignon blanc. Thanks to its cool microclimate, this location delivers a mineral, multi-layered wine with lots of fruit and elegance.
Price: €8.00 | Format: 0.75 l
Chardonnay 2023
Chardonnay is from our perspective probably the most typical white wine variety of the Burgenland. Because it is matured in big wooden barrels for a long time on the yeast, it obtains a strong, intensive character that makes it wonderful and incomparably typical for its origin of the northeastern side of Lake Neusiedl.
Price: €8.00 | Format: 0.75 l
Zweigelt 2022
Zweigelt can be considered as the leading variety of our region. It forms the solid basis of our winery and can also be considered as a classic what concerns the topic of red wine. It scores with its deep and dark fruit and at the same time with its soft character. At the Heideboden, it finds those profound, fertile chernozem soils, which are required to let it ripen 100 % every year.
Price: €8.00 | Format: 0.75 l
St. Laurent 2022
St. Laurent is characterized by its tender, elegant character, which comes from the cool and windy climate of the Plateau of Gols. It has a dense berry structure and thin skins, which makes it very sensitive. It is also difficult to tell how much quantity this variety brings every year, because some vines often do not carry grapes at all – this feature makes it rare, but very popular.
Price: €8.00 | Format: 0.75 l
Blaufränkisch 2022
This Austrian character variety is characterized by its racy and spicy nature. A wine with edges and angles, which does not meet the taste of everyone – however it makes it more exciting for real wine connoisseurs. It is the variety that ripens the latest, and therefore it is a challenge every year. The Wagram of Gols is the best and most sunny place and foundation in order to make it a great wine.
Price: €8.00 | Format: 0.75 l
Cuvée Markus Weiss Reserve 2021
Going innovative ways - always in harmony with Burgenland tradition. This Cuvée Reserve is an expression of the personality of the winemaker Markus Weiss. Fully ripe grapes of the classic Burgenland grape varieties Zweigelt, St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch from the best locations near Lake Neusiedl are selected and matured in small oak barrels. The result is this signature wine, the character of which is full-bodied, but also has elegance and finesse in it. So you can taste the Pannonian lifestyle with every sip.
Price: €24.00 | Format: 0.75 l